Think ‘culturally’! A hidden meaning in a logo

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Buchuria is more than just an online book store. Despite the fact that it offers literature in both Romanian and German, Buchuria is a modern cultural ‘operator’ that preserves, maintains and broadcasts the highest cultural values for the development of a full-fledged intellectual society. Certainly, there are many details that should be discussed before starting the development of a logo, however, Buchuria from the beginning of its existence knew what kind of logo should define them. One that would bring people together! The logo represents an ornament that expresses an aspect of Romanian cultural specificity. Since ancient times, the ornaments have been the ones that have artistically marked people’s lives, being also a symbolic means of expression. By adopting this logo, Buchuria somehow set the task to familiarize the Romanian diaspora settled in Germany with ‘what was once forgotten’.

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