Digital Marketing 101: What is its place in Marketing?

At present, the number of potential customers in various companies is in the millions. The task of companies is to retain these customers and attract new ones using various marketing tools. Nevertheless, in an ever-changing consumer society, advertising is forced to change its role. To retain and attract customers, it is very important (if not vital!) for companies to decide which tools they will work with and which strategies to follow.  

Nowadays, there are many ways and tools with which you can talk about your product or service. Thanks to scientific and technological progress, the digital economy is rapidly developing and spreading. There are new opportunities for the development of digital marketing, because consumers give preference to those brands that are more likely to master digital channels. With the development of the Internet and new technologies, we can safely say that the tools and channels of digital marketing are the most popular and effective.  

Digital marketing uses digital technology to promote products and attract consumers. The digital economy is a global network of economic and social activities that is accessible through platforms such as the Internet, mobile and sensor networks.  Digital-marketing communications are an online interaction of a company with customers through the use of digital communication channels.  

Digital marketing is an integrated approach to the promotion and sale of goods and services, which includes the integration of a huge number of different technologies (Internet, mobile systems, Customer Relationship Management, etc.). The tools included in this complex are presented in the following table: 

Table 1

The presented tools are the most ambitious and widely used. Today, digital marketing occupies a leading position in the marketing services (see Figure 1). This channel accounts for 33.3% of advertiser’s budgets. On second place, with a significant margin, is sponsorship (6.2%), on third –market research (4.8%), on fourth – PR (1.3%). 

Figure 1

The data presented demonstrate a positive growth dynamics in the effectiveness of advertising, when choosing digital marketing as the main direction. A definite advantage of using this area is the ability to quickly respond to the needs of the target audience and make adjustments to both, the advertising company and the final product or service, as well as evaluate and predict the results of marketing activities. Digital marketing allows a constant contact, between both, the advertiser and the product, and between the client and seller. Using digital marketing tools, it is very important to be able to integrate technology and human resources, maintain a balance based on the need of the target audience and the characteristics of the product or service being promoted. Digital media allows marketers to conduct a constant two-way personalized dialogue with each consumer. Thus, today digital marketing is one of the determining factors for success in the implementation of marketing activities.

According to ZenithOptimedia forecasts, the digital advertising market during 2020 will reach 351.81 billion dollars, and 375.80 billion dollars in 2021 (see Figure 2).

Figure 2

In the promotion and sale of goods, various tools and methods are used that are constantly changing based on the needs and preferences of consumers. It is very important to understand that consumers are people – individuals with a diverse set of values, emotions and qualities that get tired of the automation of a large number of processes encountered in everyday life. Each consumer needs an approach as a person with individual qualities and characteristics. Therefore, modern marketing faces a difficult task, which is to carry out its activities on the basis of the integration of two areas in marketing: soul marketing and digital marketing.

Today, for the successful promotion of goods and services, simply studying the target audience will not be sufficient. Contact with end consumers should be based on their digital preference. Currently, various digital technologies are used to carry out marketing activities, the main of which are presented in Table 2:

Table 2

Over the past few years, the development of virtual augmented reality technologies has increased significantly. If we talk about AR (Augmented Reality), then in this technology the usual image is supplemented with new content; for this, smartphones, helmets and other special technical devices can be used.

Today, marketing in the industry of computer games, and more specifically in E-Sports (Electronic Sports), has already been developed at a very high level and retains positive trends in its development. This is confirmed by the fact that in 2015 the number of spectators of the finals of the World Championship of the computer game League of Legends exceeded the number of spectators of the finals of the NBA season. If you rely on data from ADV Digital, then, the main audience of E-Sports marketing are representative of generation Y and Z, which almost all major brands are hunting for. E-Sports is becoming an integral part of the market for marketing platforms, where large players are gradually entering and quite successfully.


To achieve the success of the organization and make the most profit, it is very important to use the right marketing strategy and apply the most suitable marketing tools. To do this, it is important for companies to know about current marketing trends and be aware of where digital marketing is heading in the future.

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